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Tsipras and his government are the "best students" of NATO

On the occasion of the NATO Summit in Brussels, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued the following statement:

"The Summit of NATO's leaders of states and governments took the baton from last year's Warsaw Summit and, despite some contradictions, decided on the escalation of its offensive against the peoples, confirming the criminal role of this imperialist organization.

The Summit decided:

- The acceleration, completion of the implementation of the Warsaw resolutions and the strengthening of the systematic presence of NATO forces in Eastern and Central European, Baltic and Black Sea countries in conjunction with the deployment of the missile shield system in the region, within the framework of the competition with Russia, concentrating dangerous military forces on its borders.

- The strengthening of NATO's involvement in the war in Syria with its participation in the imperialist coalition of states in which the USA has the leading role, for the promotion of their interests in this country and the wider region of Middle East-North Africa.

- The presence of NATO forces in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, the continuation of the intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The multifaceted pretexts about "combating terrorism" and "control of migration flows" do not convince anyone, when it is known that NATO, the USA, the EU firmly supported the so-called islamist terrorism for the destabilization and partitioning of countries, for the promotion of their war plans. These are the causes of the exacerbation of migration and refugee flows.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government and the Prime Minister are becoming the "best students" of NATO. They outdo themselves in terms of Greece's role in the framework of the Alliance, as is proved by the expansion of the Suda base and the coverage by the Greek side of the enormous NATO's expenditures. The goal of "geostrategic enhancement" has to do with Greek capital's participation in the "plunder" from the wars, while for the people it means enormous dangers.

The developments require the intensification of the struggle for our country's disengagement from NATO and the other imperialist organizations. No involvement in the war plans and interventions. Closure of the foreign military bases in Greece and the return home of the Greek soldiers who serve outside of the borders. Common struggle and people's solidarity against the imperialist wars, the bourgeois classes and their warmongering policies for their own profits."