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Union of Monopolies

In their joint statement on the 70th anniversary of the “Schuman Declaration” and the formation of the European Coal and Steel Community, which would ultimately become the EEC – EU, the President of the European Parliament and head of the political groups speak of “a unique and genuine political endeavour with the goal of ensuring peace and prosperity, as well as improving the lives of all the European citizens”, which is developed based on “real solidarity”.

Their proclamations only sound like a joke to the millions of residents of the EU member states, under the shadow of a new economic crisis and the intensifying competitions, with the coronavirus pandemic as a catalyst.

While throughout the course of the EU its truly anti-people character was hidden under plenty of gold dust, we can certainly say that the past 20 years have been extremely revealing. The “prosperity” and the “golden spoons” with which the workers and the masses would be eating with were the cheese in the trap for the attack on their rights which escalated particularly after 1990 all over the EU.

Today, what is “prosperity” and the “improvement in the lives of all European citizens”? The dismantling of fixed daily working hours, mass unemployment, underemployment and flexibility, starvation pensions and dismantled public Health Systems that are collapsing under pandemic conditions, choosing who will live and who will die...

What is the truth on the “convergence of economies”? The incurable unevenness of capitalism, which even they themselves admit to, which widens the gap between the states, reinforcing centrifugal tendencies, with the people being forced to pay for it. What is the renowned “European solidarity” which only by hearing it makes you laugh? Predatory partnerships, rivalries and conflicts over who will come out stronger. They are only “United” and “in solidarity” against the people, as when they jointly imposed the memoranda for the management of the economic crisis of 2009-2012.

Comments on the “unprecedented 70-year peace” that they supposedly secured are a real slap in the face when coming from the lips of the Euro Atlantic butchers of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, of the 18 imperialist missions that are underway right this moment all over the world. From those which bring boatloads of uprooted peoples upon whose backs tough geopolitical games are played.

The “EU of democracy” has anti-communism on its marquee, supporting the theory of the “two extremes”, the identification of fascism with communism, giving wind to the sails of the neofascist forces. Its “record of achievements” is full of persecutions against Communist Parties and the banning of communist symbols all over Eastern Europe, at a time when it honours Nazi collaborators, with wads of money to rewrite History.

Evaluating the participation of our country in the EEC – EU, capital and its power won and the people came out losers. That is why it was supported by all the bourgeois parties, but also by the opportunist predecessors of today’s SYRIZA which took on responsibility to embellish the EU in the eyes of the people.

Only the KKE took a stand against the EEC – EU from the very beginning, revealing that it is a union of capital against the peoples.

Today, facing the growing impasses and the myths that are being destroyed, the effort to delude the people with the vision of “another” EU is strengthening, which will guarantee “sustainable development” and “prosperity”, with a new “Marshall Plan” and “green New Deals”. Their declarations stumble upon the harsh reality of contradictions, of “your life or mine” in the pandemic, the crises, the anti-people measures without end. They are recycling the same lies, like those that accompanied the EU in each phase of its development, in an even more reactionary direction for the peoples.

These 70 years, the EU have changed only for the worse for the peoples because as capitalism itself is becoming reactionary, as it rots causing unspeakable suffering. The struggle in every country for disengagement from the imperialist union, for a Europe of socialism, is today more timely than ever!

Republished from the column, “Our Viewpoint”, Rizospastis, Tuesday 12 May