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Unions and Peace Committee in Larissa cancel NATO concert despite police attack with chemicals on the anti-imperialist protest

The Labour Centre of Larissa, which rallies the trade unions of the city, organized a joint protest with the Peace Committee and cancelled the concert of the West Point Choir of the United States Military Academy.

The concert, which aimed to whitewash the crimes of the USA and NATO, was met with little response from the people of Larissa, as only 50 people, gathered by the city council, attended the concert in the 600-seat conservatory.

The demonstrators, who demanded the cancellation of the concert andchanted slogans against Greece’s involvement in the imperialist war and the dangerous war plans of the US-NATO-EU, were confronted by strong riot police forces that were stationed in front of the conservatory.

When a delegation of the demonstrators and those elected with the “People’s Rallying” to the Larissa City Council and the Regional Council of Thessaly asked to enter the conservatory to voice their protest, they were denied entry by the police forces, who had clear orders to prevent them at all costs.

The police used chemicals and truncheons against the demonstrators, who nevertheless managed to enter the courtyard —some of themeven managed to enter the building.

Once they stepped inside, they were again attacked by riot police and security forces. In the end, thanks to the mobilization of the mass organizations of Larissa, the concert was cancelled.

Petros Krikis, head of the “People’s Rallying” of the Municipality of Larissa and Tasos Tsiaples, head of the “People’s Rallying” of the Region of Thessaly, both cadres of the KKE, took part in the protest.