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We have a consistent front against fascism because we struggle against the system that gives rise to it

On 9/5/23, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, GS of the CC of the KKE,  delivered a speech at a mass pre-election rally of the KKE in Kallithea, a district of Athens. During the fascist occupation, fierce battles were waged in this district between the organizations of the resistance (EAM - ELAS - EPON) and the fascist occupiers. The illegal printing press of the KKE was also located there.

D. Koutsoumbas stressed the following: “Neither the date nor the place of this rally is accidental. Today we commemorate the anniversary of the Great Anti-Fascist Victory of the Peoples. The day when the Nazi monster capitulated unconditionally, after the red flag with the hammer and sickle had been nailed to its heart in the Reichstag building.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the friends of New Democracy and SYRIZA, that is, the German Christian Democrats and Social Democrats who govern the local state, have banned the red flag and the “Sacred War” march.

They probably forget that this flag never asked for permission to wave in Berlin!

That is why the forces of the KKE, together with comrades from the Communist Party of Turkey, once again broke this unacceptable ban and commemorated the Anti-Fascist Victory inside the iconic Treptower Park, where 7,000 Soviet soldiers who fell in the battles of Berlin are buried.

We commemorate today’s anniversary here, in Kallithea, the district of the Resistance, of EAM, ELAS, and EPON (...). The people of Kallithea, with the communists at the forefront, as always, fought and shed their blood to get rid of the Nazi occupiers, to breathe freely in a more just homeland.

It is no coincidence that the monument to the Soviet Soldier is located here.

One of the most telling moments was recorded in this heroic district, when Greeks, communists and patriots, fought and died together, side by side with Soviet soldiers. They shed the same blood, murdered by the fire of the Nazi occupiers and their local collaborators.

This statue was vandalized last year by some admirers of the Nazi Azov battalion, a few days before their idols appeared in Parliament to receive the applause of the members of the ND, SYRIZA and PASOK, while the MeRA25 ran to get out in time to escape the humiliation, after having reverently watched the Azov leader Zelenskiy.

Only the KKE’s seats were empty, saving the honour of our people once again and putting into practice the slogan “They stand alone against us all”!

(...) It is important to remember that fascism is the offspring —or rather the monstrosity— of this system.(...) What has been written on the pages of history in blood cannot be erased. No matter how many millions the EU spends, no matter what the parties of the system do, the unhistorical theory of two extremes, unfortunately for them, is only supported by a minority in our country (...)

No matter if, on a day like this four years ago, Mr. Tsipras travelled to Sibiu, Romania, together with Merkel, Orbán, Kurz and other figures of the far right, to sign anti-communist declarations with references to the “iron curtain”, i.e. the words used by the extraordinary military courts in our country to send communists and militants to face the firing squad.

No matter if some MeRA25 MPs tell us that socialism was “a bit fascist”, that’s why capitalism is the best system ever tried!!!

Leftists, progressive people, all democrats in this country know very well that anti-Sovietism and anti-communism have nothing to do with progress.

Just as what Mr. Tsipras said a few days ago in his speech in the district of Menidi about the Pontians in the Soviet Union has nothing to do with the truth.

Does he ignore the truth that the majority of Greeks of Pontian origin contributed to the building of socialism together with the Soviet people?

So let us inform him that in the USSR, the Pontic Greeks, like all the people, were given important assets to thrive and excel, while today, in their country of origin, they find themselves unemployed and insecure, held in contempt.”

The GS of the CC of the KKE then referred to the importance of the electoral battle of 21 May and the need for the KKE to emerge stronger.

Monument of the Soviet Soldier in Kallithea

In the morning of 9 May, the KKE, the KNE and the Panhellenic Union of National Resistance Fighters - Democratic Army of Greece (PEAEA-DSE) laid wreaths at the monument of the Soviet Soldier in Kallithea.

Anti-fascist concert - rally in Piraeus

In the afternoon of 9 May, the KKE held a concert - rally at the monument of Pavlos Fyssas, a young musician and worker that was murdered a few years ago by the fascist “Golden Dawn” organization in Keratsini (a district of Piraeus), commemorating the day of the Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples.