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We require the complete abolition of patents and not proposals incorporated into trade wars and competition

On the issue of the patent for the COVID-19 vaccines, the Press Office of the CC of the KKE stated the following:

“Vaccines and medicines, which are achievements of science and human labour, instead of being an inherent right of the people, are being turned into profitable commodities in the hands of big enterprises.

That is why today the complete abolition of the patent is required, which is another aspect of the parasitic nature of capitalist ownership; a state socialized pharmaceutical industry and international cooperation is needed to promote the research and production of vaccines and medicines.

Everything else is proposals fully integrated into the trade wars and competitions for the sharing of the vaccine market, which the people are already paying dearly for. Especially when these proposals are made by governments, such as the USA, which claims most victims of the pandemic due to the fully commercialized health system, where the right to free public health is an unknown word!”.