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We struggle for a Party with strong and consolidated organizations in the industrial sectors

An activity where the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas spoke, was organized by the Organization of Industrial Workers of the Attica Region Party Organization on Saturday, May 19th, in the Headquarters of the CC in Perissos, themed: "Industrial proletariat: vanguard in the struggle of the working class for the abolition of exploitation, for socialism-communism".

The representatives of the Communist and Worker's Parties that were in Athens to take part in the works for the preparation of the 20th International Meeting of the Communist and Worker's Parties that has been decided to be hosted by the KKE participated in the activity. D, Koutsoumpas welcomed the international delegations from the podium.

The activity began with a theatrical act during which the poem of the great Greek communist poet Yannis Ritsos "KKE. Three red letters, humble signature of our people to the avenues of the future" was read. After the speech of D. Koutsoumpas a concert with worker's songs followed.

We publish below the translation of the speech of Dimitris Koutsoumpas:


Activity of KKE




All over Greece, in cities, villages, neighborhoods, workplaces and sectors, we are celebrating and honoring the 100 years marking the founding of the heroic and esteemed Communist Party of Greece.

It is the culmination of the great celebration of a century of struggles and sacrifices that is closing, for the new century that is beginning.

Within the month of May, with the symbolic number “100”, we are organizing 100 events in 100 cities all over the country.

Among them today’s event organized by the Sectoral Organization of Industrial Workers of the KKE holds a special place. 

We are especially delighted because with us today are representatives of Communist and Workers’ Parties who are here for the meeting of the Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties. 

We welcome them.

We are especially pleased because the next – the 20th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties – will take place in Athens in November, in honor of the 100th year anniversary of the Communist Party of Greece.





100 years ago, in 1918, with the founding of the KKE, the working class for the first time in our country acquired its own Party.

The KKE since its foundation has consistently striven to highlight the historical role of the working class, its potential as a revolutionary class, to acquire and exercise its power.

It highlighted that the working class, which creates the social product, is the only social force that can organize the economy and society with satisfaction of the constantly increasing social needs as its criterion.

It is the class that can correctly calculate and safeguard the interests of the urban and rural popular strata.

The KKE, firmly believing in the right and potential of the working class to understand and change the world, struggled from the first moment of its foundation so that this can be prepared through the daily class struggles as a leading force of socialist construction.

Marx and Engels emphasized:

 “Of all the classes that stand face to face with the bourgeoisie today, the proletariat alone is a really revolutionary class. The other classes decay and finally disappear in the face of modern industry; the proletariat is its special and essential product.”

Lenin stressed the burden that the proletariat carries in capitalist society, its objective vanguard role, even under conditions where it is the minority in the general population.

“The strength of the proletariat in any capitalist country is far greater than the proportion it represents of the total population. That is because the proletariat economically dominates the centre and nerve of the entire economic system of capitalism, and also because the proletariat expresses economically and politically the real interests of the overwhelming majority of the working people under capitalism.”

Engels underlined the special burden of the industrial proletariat due to its position in production, its concentration in workplaces and in cities and its organizational potential:

 “The first proletarians were connected with manufacture, were engendered by it […] We shall find the same order again among the industrial workers, and shall see how the factory-hands, eldest children of the industrial revolution, have from the beginning to the present day formed the nucleus of the Labor Movement, and how the others have joined this movement just in proportion as their handicraft has been invaded by the progress of machinery.”


In contemporary capitalist societies, as in Greece, there is a tendency to reduce the percentage of the factory proletariat in the working class as a whole.

This does not mean that the factory proletariat ceases to constitute the core of the working class.

That is why a truly revolutionary party must be founded upon the factory proletariat.

This development is inherent to capitalist industrial development, which brings with it:

-      On the one hand, the immense possibility for live work to be replaced, that is, to greatly reduce general work time and at the same time to increase social prosperity,

-      On the other, this development expands the need for the reproduction of labor power – greater and more specialized training, education, aesthetics, athletic activity, preventive healthcare and rehabilitation, welfare, and many more that under capitalism, are demands that are satisfied to a certain extent within the vast commercialization of organized capitalist services.

In this way the working class is also expanded; that is,  workers as salaried employees by capital in health, welfare, education, tourism, athletics, culture, and more.


The factory proletariat, as the most vanguard section of the working class, especially its conscious section, the communists, must struggle in a way that will promote the unity of the working class.

In other words, it is a matter for the factory proletariat to struggle for education, health, welfare, athletics, culture, as well as for work and living conditions for the sections of the working class where in these areas of course, there often exist petty bourgeois conceptions and lifestyles, an issue which constitutes an additional obstacle.

In honor of the 100 year anniversary of our party we will make every effort so that our party forges even broader, even stronger bonds with the working class, with our people.

We will wage even more decisively the battle for our Party to build a strong, fortified and organized force in the sectors of industrial production and other sectors of strategic importance.

In order to strengthen the backbone of the revolutionary political vanguard.

Because, as the title of tonight’s event states “The industrial proletariat is the vanguard in the struggle of the working class for the abolition of exploitation, for socialism – communism.”





Overall, the political developments in Greece are certainly interdependent with international developments; and, above all, with the developments in the region that Greece belongs to, as well as with the developments that concern the EU, the correlation of the bourgeois currents and its organizations.

The reform of the bourgeois political system presents chronic difficulties, to which are added governmental corruption of the reformed social-democratic section, that is, SYRIZA. 

Similar developments are encountered in other countries of the EU and not only.

The general trend of reactionism is expressed by all the bourgeois currents and the more contemporary opportunistic ones.

One element of this reactionism is:

On the one hand, the presence of extreme nationalist and fascist political forces, and on the other, the emergence of government alliances between neoliberal and social-democratic parties that essentially manage common policies which reduce and strip away the rights of the working class and popular strata.

All of this reflects the deep reactionary balance of forces, the climate of disappointment, accompanied by the retreat of the trade union movement.

We don’t close our eyes to the fact that for the time being, there is an especially negative correlation of forces worldwide.

This makes the capitalist states more aggressive towards the working class.

The working popular masses more passive, despite the sharpening of competition, the expansion of war hotspots and episodes.

An almost passive acceptance of anti-worker regulations can be observed in many countries.

Under these conditions, the ideological – political fortification of communists, the members of the KKE and the KNE becomes even more demanding.

The characteristics of the communist vanguard become even more demanding overall.

We are working in this direction, we are regrouping and strengthening our forces.

With the certainty and the revolutionary optimism that we will manage it!


As the strategic convergence of the bourgeois parties increases, especially the SYRIZA-ANEL government with ND and PASOK (MOVEMENT OF CHANGE), so sharpen the verbal disputes, the hysterics, the intensifying of disagreements over single issues and details.

They are trying to create a climate of artificial opposition, in order to cover up the fact that they all have a common position within the walls of the predatory alliance of the EU and of NATO.

To these, the bourgeois parties offer up credentials as to who is the most capable manager of policies in support of large capital and its imperialist alliances.

As long as the various bourgeois parties, under whatever guise - right, center or left – flash their credentials to the SEV (Greek Business Groups), to monopoly groups, they will also start up an electoral “chicken-fight” amongst themselves.

The policy of the current government of SYRIZA - which is now in the 4th year of its governance - as we have seen being implemented, is equally dangerous for popular interests as with that of previous governments.

The KKE calls for a struggle, a social alliance that will lead to a total overthrow of the anti-people policy, the rotten system, the class that now holds power.

This policy does not change with specific changes of some persons in power.

Nor by alternations of bourgeois parties or some co-operation between bourgeois parties, since they all follow the same direction:

The capitalist one-way street, the European Union slaughterhouse of people’s rights, the NATO killer of the peoples.

Especially dangerous are the illusions that SYRIZA seeks to sow.

We are referring to the mockery of "a clean exit from the crisis", "abolition of the memorandums", "a return to regularity"!

We say this because it knows very well that the basic features of the so-called "memorandum policy", at the expense of wages, pensions, social benefits, etc., are rooted in the EU's every decision and guideline which are the aims and goals of domestic big capital and concern each member-state of the EU.  

They have incorporated hundreds of anti-labor laws in the memorandums that they all voted for, which will remain in full force following the end of the program.

Our call to "Strengthen the KKE everywhere because power and hope is of the people," "Break the shackles of the EU, the monopolies, NATO" is a realistic and victorious response for the people themselves, the movement.

This call can reach every factory, the thousands of industrial workers, but also those who are now unemployed and their families.

Because the way out for the people lies in the regroupment of the workers' movement, the strengthening of the social alliance, joining together with the KKE for overthrow.

It is in the struggle to abolish all the anti-people laws of the memorandums.

In recovering the enormous economic losses that the working class suffered during the crisis.

It is in the overthrow, in the way-out with development for the benefit of the working class, the popular strata.

We direct this call with confidence in workers in industry.

To the unemployed and their families.

To young people who are still in schools or in training, or are under apprenticeship and practical training in various sectors.

But also to pensioners, many of whom are militant, experienced fighters who can decisively help the party at this stage.

We can also take a big step forward in our day-to-day work inside workplaces and outside, with our fellow workers who have the same problems as us, to take a decisive step in the strengthening of the KKE.


This will be what is really different, what will bring hope.

Given certain conditions, today we can put a stop to, put the brakes on, put obstacles in the way of the anti-people politics.

We can even fight to enforce relief measures for popular families, without losing sight of the fact that whatever relief, whatever gain, without radical change in the balance of forces, without overthrows at the level of power and ownership, will be transient and vulnerable to the impunity of the bourgeoisie and its political staff.

That is why the daily struggle must be directed mainly towards radical changes for the benefit of the people.

They tell us that we put off everything for socialism.

We answer to them:

That is the only real, final solution.

In any case, we put forward specific proposals every day within the trade unions and in the Parliament, in the European Parliament.


The bill proposed by our parliamentary group on collective bargaining and the reinstatement of the minimum wage to 751 euros, the restoration of the 13th and 14th salaries, for the 13th and 14th pensions, perhaps this bill is about socialism?

Are our proposals for relieving hungry households, to abolish auctioning off people’s houses about socialism or are they proposals for today?

We submit proposals like these:

Like re-employing workers who were fired so that permanent and stable work exists, not to divvy up workers between sub-contracted, indefinite and contractual work.

But, we say to workers that since you are waging a struggle to win even small breaths of relief, you have to take it to the end.

The working class, the people should take the struggle to the end, not abandon it in the middle.

Working men and women must realize what the real cause is, what kind of society we need to build.

Why should the worker be in power and direct production?

Why should there be a central scientific design for each branch of industry separately, and for all the sectors of the economy?


Otherwise, whatever we gain today, be it a slightly higher salary, a better working relationship, some others will come along and take it all back.

Hasn’t the labor movement won rights over the past 100-150 years?

How did they manage to take it back from us in only a few short years, in the 8 years of the crisis?

It happened and it will happen again if we do not take our struggle to its end, if we do not have such a prospect, and if we do not decide that this is the path to take.





We are taking into account the key developments in the various branches of industry.

Developments that have occurred on the terrain of the capitalist economic crisis over the past decade.

And today they continue upon the terrain of the weak and insecure capitalist development we have passed through.

Developments that have a serious impact first and foremost on the lives of workers in industry and their families.

We say this because, in fact, not only must we face up to these developments, but we also need to be able to interpret them.

This is because the workers themselves in industry need to know what is to blame for why things have turned upside down; why is it that they can’t find work in the sector they have worked in for years?; why haven’t they been paid for months?; why are they paid less than what their fathers were paid years ago, even under conditions of capitalist development?

They can slowly realize that the capitalist system itself is responsible for unemployment, the system that lives and breathes for profit, the social system that treats the physical, muscular and intellectual power of the worker as a commodity.

It wants the worker to be a commodity, an increasingly cheap labor force, working for hunger wages, without rights.

That is why workers are being forced out of industry with consolidated rights in order to put others in their place:

Young workers, under 25, who are paid in crumbs.

Unemployed subsidized workers, where the subsidy ends up being hot cash in the employer's pocket.

Young apprentices doing their practical training without pay.

But even when the monopolies, the giant enterprises under capitalism make investments

And when motivated by profitability and competitiveness, they create the conditions for productivity to rise ...

A phase in which to some extent, for some sectors, we find ourselves in today ...,

Even so, they still do not reduce general working time but reduce the number of workers they use or dramatically change working relationships using contractors, with eight-month contracts with flexible working relationships as a rule….

The incentive for profitability and the competitiveness of capital leads to growth, to the over-accumulation of capital which can no longer be invested with a satisfactory rate of profit. So, in this way growth brings crisis.

With the same motive, it struggles to return to growth rates.

This discussion must take place so that very working man and woman understands the nature of the capitalist crisis and the character of capitalist development.





A lot of experience has been gathered throughout the years.  

 The demands of the big capital will not disappear, as the Government says, with the advent of the capitalist recovery and expiration of the memorandum.   

Unfortunately, all the above will continue to exist as long as the EU and capitalist growth continue to exist, in other words for as long as the ideals of the current government and those of the other parties, old and new, are still upheld. 

In fact, the representatives of the European Commission have now and again declared that fiscal discipline is a must and will continue in Greece. 

It is in the name of that discipline that the anti-labour and anti-popular armoury will keep being reinforced.  

Industrial workers, having experienced the dramatic consequences of the capitalist crisis, can understand better that anyone the meaning of the words of Mr. Tsipras, who having greeted the news of this year's primary surplus said that "his government had brought to term her mission with seriousness"...

Some of you may remember the fact that the same words were used by SYRIZA.

Both SYRIZA and New Democracy actually address these declarations to the industrialists. 

They achieve these as they promised the industrialists since both politicians have paved the way for the latter with anti-labour measures.

The so-called “fair growth” and “restructuring of the production” of SYRIZA are nothing more but the capitalist road to development that brings profits for monopolies, while for the working class it brings unemployment and exploitation. 

SYRIZA’s invitation to “all the productive forces" to share and rally for the common vision of capitalist growth and reconstruction naturally includes business groups!

That is why beside the goal of development, SYRIZA puts the "social cohesion", that is to say, the "Class collaboration".

Their most recent motto to try and subjugate the movement is the necessity for a "national line"

Well, a national line in the sense of the Greek Federation of Industries, the Opposition, the treacherous trade-union leaders and the opportunists will not come to be, not in a million years!

Indeed, the only national line is what is in the interest and for the benefit of the workers, the salaried employees and the poor popular classes. 

What are the actual requirements for a "productive reconstruction" of the Greek Economy and for "targeted investments" that are so much at the heart of SYRIZA's policy?

The first and foremost requirement is never to rebuild what has been demolished.  

In other words, to preserve at all costs the abolition of the eight hour working day, part-time work without fixed working hours and decent wages. 

The so-called “productive reconstruction” requires workers to abandon their claims for better salaries, stable employment and recognized rights.  

The objective of New Democracy, SYRIZA and their supporters is to persuade the workers that their interests are identical to those of the industrialists. 

New Democracy and SYRIZA want the workers to make their employers' increased profits aim of their lives and in the end submit to the employer's demands. 

The proposals of New Democracy and SYRIZA are implicitly telling the capitalists that their profit is guaranteed and that their power and supremacy are not at risk. 

In addition to the government, this kind of "social cohesion" is the hard-to-achieve objective of the government and employer-led trade-unionists in the GGCL, ADEDY, the Confederation of Public Servants and other secondary trade-union bodies, where they hold the majority.  

This is their true objective in hindering the organization and participation of the workers in the struggle, putting obstacles against the right of strike, in trying to secure the workers’ agreement through blackmail and dilemmas. 

This is their objective in attacking the class movement and using crude anti-communist arguments.

This is their type of struggle, compromise and integration.  

One of the most obvious examples of this policy is the call for a National General Strike on May 30. 

They are trying to put the trade-union movement under the control of the employers and of the EU and thus lead to its overall degeneration and submission.  

They will fail!

The communists, the class labour movement, PAME and other anti-capitalist, anti-monopoly social alliance groups that are part of the movement will throw a spanner in their works!

To this end, we have been tirelessly visiting all kinds of work places and factories, day in, day out, from dusk till dawn, with the class trade-unions, with PAME, with the radical groups of the self-employed, of the women and children of labour families.

All of you attending this event have firsthand knowledge of the doings of government and employer-led trade unionism at the work place. 

Each of you can bring up countless examples of that activity.  

It is this knowledge that we have to communicate the workers and their families on a daily basis.

The only way to put a spanner in their works is organisation at grassroots level and the struggle not against the memorandum in general, which is currently of no importance, but against the monopolies and capitalism. 

The struggle to gather up our forces, to create the requirements for the complete reversal of the current situation so that the people take the keys of the economy in their hands and plan economic growth according to their needs. 

If this does not occur, all struggles are bound to lose their momentum and be manipulated by governments betraying the workers' rights, each of these governments will continue the anti-popular work of the previous governments, just as it happens nowadays.

For all these reasons we insist that none of these governments, be it SYRIZA or New Democracy-led, be it one party or coalition governments in cooperation with willing parties, such as the Change Movement, or smaller, shooting-star parties, pro EU and pro capitalist growth, will not give back to the people pre-crisis rights and conquests.  



The workers do not have to choose between pro-EU and pro-capitalist growth parties, such as New Democracy, SYRIZA, the Movement For Change and other "ramparts" mounted in the past and now, the "River", the quaint political figure of Mr.Leventis and other available and useful system minions: the Golden Dawn party, the Nazis and Fascists, the far-right, the racists and all other kinds of rot.  

All those are on the bosses' side.

Genuine, popular concerns are all on the other side.  Equally on the other side are the working class movement and social alliance between the workers, pour farmers and the self-employed.  

Only the Communist Party is standing by the side of all the above.  It is the only party consistently and stably fighting, the party that reflects the only realistic, people-friendly way of growth with the people in power. 

The Communist Party’s comprehensive political proposal enables our party to express, genuine and clear, popular discontent vis-à-vis all those that have been hurting the people for years. 


We are not holding things back.  This has always been our policy.  

In fact, we do divulge and, what more, blazon our entire strategy that is based on the position that a Greece whose people enjoy social wellbeing and peace, a Greece in which the people own the wealth, organize production and society, in general, by establishing the required institutions of power cannot be part of the EU and of the warmongering of NATO. 

Thus, our struggle to upturn the latter reflects the struggle that ought to be undertaken by all the peoples in their countries in order to change the existing situation, bring down the capitalist system and build a better, superior society: the socialist – communist society. 

It is high time, therefore, that the peoples intervened to prevent alternative plans that will grant a lifeline to EU and to NATO for them to pursue their all-offensive rush against the working class and the people. 

Let the peoples stay away from rivalries that may revive the spectre of past and present, local and regional wars in Europe or in its wider area of interest. 

For centuries, for years on end, for decades the peoples, including the Greek people, have conquered and progressed entirely through their struggle and through the “NOs”, small and big, that they said.  

Let all of us ponder what the world will look tomorrow if we cease to fight. 

Expecting a miracle. 

Listening and believing all those who say that ours is a small country so we are left with no alternative but to be permanently tethered on the cart of US monopolies, of the EU and of capitalist growth! 

We have said it many times; we shall repeat it today and will not fail to reiterate it in future. 

There are no small and big peoples. 

Instead, there are peoples bent on struggle, on fighting for their rights, notwithstanding the obstacles raised by the powers of capitalist darkness. 

Here in Greece, what we think, discuss in our meetings, shout in our demonstrations and in the paths of struggle, our concerns regarding the preparation of a bright future for the working class in our country...

They are identical to the concerns and discussions of the workers in all the capitalist countries of the world. 

Thus, if the people pave the way, in their own countries, fulfil their duty there and continue to strike, to crack the bourgeois power in one or more countries, in a group of countries, a continent and, why not, shortly in the whole world, this will kindle the revolutionary fire lighting up the future of mankind.



We are stretching our hand out to all those who have known us for years.  

They know that we have never failed to fight for the interests of our people.  

They know that we love both our country and our people.  

That we stand hand in hand with the oppressed and suffering. 

That we lead the battles and daily struggle for survival. 

That we are staunch internationalists, whose solidarity and friendship embraces all the peoples of the world. 


The Communist Party of Greece will take the lead, hand in hand with the working class and its vanguard, the industrial proletariat and the people at the head of developments, for socialism.

Nowadays, we can at last put our extensive experience to good use. 

The strengthening of the Communist Party, first and foremost in the work place, in the factories and major strategic infrastructures, will enable us to strongly oppose any anti-popular government, as well as EU and monopoly politics.

Despite the unfavourable balance of power, we shall continue our struggle, persuaded about the power of the working class.   

Nowadays, the Communist Party of Greece declares that the people of Greece and their children can live better.

Greece is in possession of accumulated means of production, monopolies, and major enterprises in a number of fields. Furthermore, our country possesses experienced scientists and work force, natural resources and minerals.  

In other words, Greece has all the potential and requirements needed for production and growth based on contemporary popular needs.  This potential is squandered away by dominating monopolies and capitalism. 

Socialism can solve the problem of unemployment; ensure that every man and woman has a stable job and genuine, time-adjusted rights.

Because, the main objective of production is not profit. The aim of socialism is planned production to ensure the general satisfaction of social needs. 

Thus, centralized planning shall ensure that the growth potential of our country, including human achievements in the fields of science, technology and culture that ensure an elevated quality of life, intellectual development and civilization, serves the people and their needs.  

Job uncertainty will disappear and free time will increase so that, in addition to all else, the workers will get the opportunity to participate in all kinds of executive authorities, from the grassroots to the top, beginning from assemblies at the work place. Thus, the workers will directly participate in the nomination of work councils, in the audit and revocation of representatives and in the direct control of administrative bodies.  This is genuine power to the working class that has nothing to do with bourgeois, in name only, democracies.

The construction, however, of a new, communist society is a long-term process.  

It has its own milestones to achieve and a number of contradictions to eradicate, many of which will be inherited from the capitalist system. 

These include:

-               The differentiation between skilled and unskilled labour, 

-               The contradiction between manual and intellectual work, 

-               The contradiction between administrative and executive work,  

-               Frequently also underlying gender differences in the work place.   

-      The situation of the workforce in rural areas compared to the workforce in the cities, and

-               Contradictions related to the distribution of the domestic product.  

The shaping of a new production process in this new - socialist - society is a procedure that begins with the conquest of power by the working class, wich is not yet definitively irreversible.

The first steps include the planning of a new production process that will replace the general abolition of capitalist relations and of the relation between capital and salaried work.

The means of production in the fields of industry, energy and water supply, telecommunications, construction, repairs, mass transport, wholesale and retail trade, as well as import and export trade and in the tourism and catering industry will be socialized.

Farming and capitalist-managed farms will be socialized.

The sectors of education, health and welfare, culture, sports and of the media shall be organized in order to serve society.  

The work force will no longer be a commodity.  

The leasing of workers by those who continue to own individual production means in sectors that are not subject to compulsory socialization, including farming, tourism, catering and a number of ancillary services, will not be allowed.

Centralized planning integrates the work force, the means of production, raw and all other industrial materials and resources, into an overall plan covering the fields of production and of social and administrative services.

This plan includes the establishment of state-owned production units, where agricultural products will be farmed and processed for use as raw materials or for consumer use.  

A single, public body and its regional and sectoral branches shall be responsible for centralized planning in each branch of the economy. 

The planning will be based on a set of objectives and criteria touching the sectors of energy, transportation, processing and the mining industry, communications and IT, land-planning and construction. The main aim shall be to protect these sectors and put them to good use in order to ensure the peoples' well-being, the establishment of citizen-friendly cities, the coverage of housing needs, the construction of infrastructure works, and the promotion  industrial production and of the social services.  

Similarly, farming will be supported by the domestic industrial production of fertilizers, pesticides, animal fodder, reproductive and propagating material, etc, as well as agricultural machinery and irrigation infrastructures.

The establishment of a socialist pharmaceutical industry that will produce medicinal products, medical supplies and biomedical technology shall maximize independence and ensure the free of charge distribution of medicinal products and medical supplies to cover the peoples' needs. 

This alternative political proposal tabled by the Communist Party of Greece is in itself an answer to the question:  

Indeed, the Communist Party of Greece insists that the solution and the future lie in overturning capitalism rather than attempting to find temporary ways to manage it.  


All the political parties that have, to date, fallen into the trap of the dangerous theory of the possible have swiftly been lost in revision, resignation and integration and have been swallowed by opportunism, counter-revolution and capitalism to become the puppets of one or the other imperialist bloc.  

That is why the Communist Party of Greece is staunchly insisting on the actuality and necessity of socialism. 

Socialism is contemporary and newer than ever!

It is thus that the Communist Party of Greece, despite its century-old history, remains the youngest party of the Greek society.

Our stability, reliability and deeply-rooted belief in universal ideals is being currently recognized and appreciated every day. 

More and more workers, men and women, employees, self-employed, professionals, scientists, students, pupils, women and working class families are coming to terms with it and choose to join us.

To all of the above we stretch out our hand comradely. 

A big, communist embrace is waiting for them.  

An embrace that only the working class Party knows how to give. 

To lead the struggle, to learn from history and to lay out the route for tomorrow. 

Be strong all of you!