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With a stronger KKE, the heart of every leftist and progressive person will beat louder

On 30/4/23 a sea of people filled the shooting range of Kaisariani, where 200 communists were executed on May Day 1944, to honour their sacrifice and to support the KKE, which is fighting the battle of the upcoming parliamentary elections on 21 May.

“With today’s event and particularly with the daily and tireless action of thousands of KKE and KNE members, we are firmly holding the thread that unites us with those who sacrificed themselves for a world without exploitation of man by man, for socialism–communism (...) We raise the flags of struggle”, noted the GS of the CC of the KKE, D. Koutsoumbas.

“We will do our best!”, stressed D. Koutsoumbas. “We are now in the last and most crucial phase of the great political electoral battle that our Party is waging against the bourgeois political system and its parties. A decisive battle for the next day, for the perspective of the people’s struggle, for the popular movement to emerge with greater potential, with a stronger KKE against any version of anti-popular government”, he added.

The speech was followed by a concert with songs of the struggle, songs that have been associated with and express in the best possible way great moments of upsurge of our people and of the class struggle in our country.