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Workers on strike took to the streets en masse

Proposal for new strike on 16/6

The general strike on 10/6 paralyzed Greece, as thousands of workers participated in the biggest strike of the past years and attended the rallies of trade unions, federations and labour centres. They sent the message that the workers, through their struggle, can cancel the anti-labour government bill, consigning it to the dustbin. The mass rallies also sent a message of immediate continuation and escalation of the struggle, shouting out loud “Hands off the 8-hour working day”.

The trade unions are oriented towards the escalation of the struggle with a new 24-hour strike on 16/6, that is, the day that the government majority in parliament will seek to adopt the anti-labour bill.

“People today wrote another glorious page in their history. On 16 June we seek to be many more!”, stated Giorgos Perros, member of the Executive Secretariat of PAME, at the end of the strike rally, where thousands of workers on strike demonstrated against the monstrous anti-labour bill at Syntagma Square, outside the Parliament, demanding that the government repeals it.

“We continue the struggle, we invite more workers to join us. We are looking the younger and the older generation straight in the eyes and move ahead. On 16/6 we need to be many more”, stressed G. Perros, while thousands of demonstrators were shouting slogans about the defence of the 8-hour and the workers’ achievements, declaring their determination to escalate the struggle.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, attended the mass strike rally of the trade unions and federations in Athens and made the following statement to the Press: “No matter what the government does, this bill is condemned in the workers’ consciousness. The working men and women, the young people have now the last say. If they understand and realize their power, they can cancel this bill and consign it where it belongs, to the dustbin. They must not be living like a slave in the 21st century”.